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"We don’t need to tell you about the hassle surrounding the creation of your own custom pick-ups. But, it is our duty to tell you we’ve come up with the solution. Introducing The Dragon: the first 3D printed automatic pick-up winder."  This is how Nebula Belgium was first launched onto the internet. A kickstarter campaign to help fund their innovative idea, but the story starts way before that.
Native to Antwerp, Belgium, Steven and Stijn met each other in a guitar group online and found out they have a dream in common: to make and sell handcrafted guitars like nobody has ever heard of before. Their motto: 'We might be too late to invent the guitar, but we can re-invent it every day. We'd make em, you'd break em.'

With that goal in mind they started on their adventure to make a guitar from scratch, and that's how they ended up making a fully automated pickup winder. 3D-printed for sustainability, and assembled by Steven himself.

Product image


After the kickstarter campaign he had set up with his girlfriend Marilyn, Steven realised the market for pickup supplies was scattered all over the internet. He was set on making the one-stop-shop for everything surrounding pickups while still improving the pickup winder they'd invented.

And so the small team ended up building this webshop, hoping to make it easier for guitar builders to get the supplies they need. The new motto? Decide the way you sound.


A small but dedicated team


THE CEO - Working in a hardware store by day, running Nebula Belgium at night. He's a passionate musician (surprise) and an absolute maker. His hobby is guitar building and  he's in charge of producing the 3D-printed and/or laser cut products.


THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Also working in a store as her day job, Marilyn is in charge of everything involving web design and marketing. She doesn't play any instruments but her daily dosis of cat pictures make up for that. She also runs the social media.


THE ADVISOR - We're not sure if Stijn keeps Steven grounded or makes him dream even bigger, but his advice always helps us to achieve our goals. He is co-creator of the Dragon and Steven his best friend who has contributed a lot to Nebula Belgium.


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