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The tonewinder pickup winder is designed to be fast and easy to program and work with, utilizing CNC technology. The best part is that no programming knowledge is required, making it accessible to all users. With a winding speed that can reach 1,500 RPM, it offers efficient and precise winding capabilities.

One of the standout features of our pickup winder is its autonomous system. You don't need a PC to control it, thanks to the built-in 2.8" touch screen. This intuitive interface allows you to operate the winder independently, providing convenience and flexibility. Additionally, the reduced dimensions of 238x225x110 mm make it compact and space-efficient.

The pickup winder incorporates a precise tension sensor in the guiding arm. This sensor enables you to monitor the wire tension accurately, and it can be adjusted manually. With a precision of 1 gram, you have precise control over the winding process.

There are four automatic winding modes available:

Constant Mode: This mode ensures a consistent filling factor throughout the coil. The filling factor refers to the percentage of space occupied by the wire of a specific diameter in relation to the total width of the coil.

Table Mode: In this mode, you have the flexibility to customize the coil by selecting up to 6 different sections. Within each section, you can adjust the number of turns and the desired fill factor. This mode allows for fine-tuning and customization to meet your specific requirements.

Scatter Mode: With scatter mode, you can introduce randomness and variation into the winding process. The pickup is wound in a non-linear fashion, with the fill factor changing randomly every few turns. This creates a unique and dynamic character in the coil. To ensure a uniform appearance, a constant fill factor can be applied at the start and end of the coil.

Emulate Mode: This mode allows you to vary the filling factor in real time by operating the potentiometer. It emulates the manual winding process. Once you achieve the desired pattern, you can save it in memory and replicate it as many times as you want.

Furthermore, you have the option to perform manual winding, guiding the wire with your hands in the traditional way. This versatility caters to different user preferences and techniques.

The pickup winder has up to 11 internal memories to store your coil configurations. If you require more storage capacity, you can connect it to a PC via Wi-Fi to upload or download projects, providing you with unlimited storage possibilities.

Software updates for the microcontroller can be conveniently done via Wi-Fi from a PC, while the touch screen software updates are performed using a microSD card.
To assist you throughout the operation, the pickup winder features interactive help on all screens. By tapping on the description of any parameter, a dedicated screen provides detailed information and recommended values for optimal usage.
The winder calculates the turns per layer (TPL) based on the entered parameters, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the winding process.

Safety is a top priority in our design. The pickup winder incorporates a light on the base, which blinks intensely to alert you of any problems during winding. This feature can be disabled from the software if needed. Moreover, before starting the bobbin, it performs a programmed number of initial turns to accommodate the wire in the bobbin, just like in the traditional winding process.

Adjustments during winding are also possible. If you haven't correctly adjusted the base or height parameters, you can correct any deviation while the winding is in progress.

The "Delta" parameter is an important aspect of our pickup winder. It refers to a small distance attached to the wings of the bobbin where no wire is present. This design element prevents overloading the wire or deformation of the wings, ensuring the longevity and quality of the final product.

Real-time information is provided during winding, displaying the current bobbin's number of turns, wound layers, remaining time, and wire tension. This data empowers you to monitor the progress and make any necessary adjustments on the fly.

For consistent results, the pickup winder features a home sensor, which references the arm to the same point before any operation, maintaining a reliable starting position.

Maintenance requirements are minimal. Monthly lubrication of the felts and bearings with oil ensures smooth operation, while an annual greasing of the guide arm drive mechanism keeps it in optimal condition.

Two safety triggers are incorporated into the winder. One detects plate-related issues, such as incorrect rotation or a complete stop. The other trigger stops the winding process if the wire tension exceeds predefined limits (lower and upper).
The plate of our pickup winder includes holes to accommodate magnets protruding from single pickups or eyelets from the base, enhancing compatibility with 99.9% of commercial coil models.

Lastly, our pickup winder is capable of winding bobbins up to 105 mm in length. If you require a larger distance, it can be easily modified to suit your specific needs.