Brass Eyelets (100)

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These Eyelets are the same ones we use on our flatwork and on our pré assembled bobbins. It speaks for itself that our flatwork was designed around these and make for a perfect fit. 

To set the eyelets we recommend using a press or a hammer in combination with the stewmac eyelet setting tool. Other methods might work as well, but this is the one we use and can guarantee it's success. 

In the past we used our nickel eyelets for all our own flatwork, in recent months we received a few requests to look for shorter eyelets to make for a better end product and so we did. By using slightly shorter eyelets they are fully flush on both sides, preventing any unwanted wire catches. 

Our brass eyelets are our recommendation for 2mm thick flatwork and our nickel eyelets are our recommendation for slightly thicker, 2.2-2.4mm flatwork. 


For hole size :1.8mm

Height: 3mm


Sold in a bag of 100