Black Friday Pré-Assembled Bobbin Bundle Deals

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Exclusively available during black Friday weekend and eligible in combination with our worldwide free shipping on orders over €250

Buy a set, get a set.

This bundle is available for Stratocaster and telecaster bobbins. As this is a promotion item we are limiting the customization options. Where our normal pré assembled bobbins are completely customizable these are fixed. 

Stratocaster (52mm spacing only)

Flat pole Configuration, 5mm dia magnets, 17.5mm long, 12mm coil height. Available in A2 and A5

Stagger Configuration, 5mm dia magnets, E->e: 17-17.5-17.5-18-17-17. Available in A2 and A5, 12mm coil height. 


Available for both neck and bridge in 5mm dia magnets, 16mm long poles, 12mm coil height, flat top. Available in A2 and A5