Black Friday Traditional Slotted Polescrew Deal (50pcs)

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Limited Time Offer: Our Black Friday sale features an exceptional deal on high-quality screws. Suitable for both professional and personal use, this is an opportunity to stock up on essential hardware.

Variety of Finishes: Available in Nickel, Chrome, Black, and Gold Plating, each option is designed for durability and aesthetic appeal, catering to different project requirements.

Bulk Packaging: For Black Friday, we are offering our screws in sets of 50 pcs. This bulk pack is ideal for larger projects or for ensuring you always have the right screw at hand.

Special Pricing: Typically priced at €0.5 per screw, we’re offering a significant discount for Black Friday. Now priced at just €0.2 per screw, it's an excellent opportunity to purchase premium screws at a lower cost.

These screws are our standard traditional m3x18mm polescrews