Standard J-Bass Wiring Harness

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We are very proud to launch our brand new line of wiring harnesses. They are made with the best parts, hand-assembled in house, in Belgium.

Mostly overlooked, but the wiring and quality of solder joints will affect your end tone/result more then you could have ever thought.

Unwanted buzz, non-responsive pots, low output,.. all causes of faulty/bad quality wiring. 

We tried to offer the best possible mix of quality, name brand parts, and some cheaper "standard" parts to offer these harnesses at a reasonable price.

1 Japanese 250K volume pot; 2 Japanese 250k Tone pot, Switchcraft mono jack, and a 600v original 0.47μF Sprague orange drop.

You might be seeing another logo on the vulcanized fiberboard holding everything in place. It's our newest brand "Galaxy Electronics". Having this logo and brand connected to a product ensures you, that it has been designed, handmade, packaged, in house, in Belgium.