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Schaller 5-way Megaswitch, model E, Black switch knob. This versatile 5-way switch gets the best possible sounds from 3-pickup combination singlecoils or 2-humbucker guitars. 

It gives new wiring options not obtainable with a standard strat switch like automatic coil-tapping and special coil connections to eliminate hum in cut-coil/combination positions. (installation guide included)


Oak Grigsby 5-way/4-pole double wafer Superswitch. 5way leverswitch with 24 solder lugs for limitless pickup selections. Switch has two Wafers, each loaded with 12 solder lugs that are grouped in two batches of 6 for endless tone options. Suitable for coil-cuts, pickup and series/paralell combinations etc. 


All pots and switches have a 3-4 day delivery time. Please take into account that these parts will bring your average 24h ship out time to 3-4 business days.