Oak Grigsby Lever Type switches

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Oak Grigsby offers a quality made in the USA switch in both common and uncommon configurations. 

Everyone is familiar with the 3 and 5-way switch but Oak Grigsby also offers a 4 and 6-way switch. 

The 4-way switch offers the three usual positions plus a fourth combining both pickups in series, producing a fatter/beefier sound with slightly higher output. Minor adjustment required to the neck pickup for this mod. 


The 6-way switch offers the five usual positions plus a sixth combining pickup 1 and 3 for a tele-like soung (switch has extra lug on each side). No need to install a mini toggle or a push/pull pot. 

Both 6-way and 4-way switches have a longer throw and therefore control plate's /pickguard's switch slot might have to be lengthened. 


All pots and switches have a 3-4 day delivery time. Please take into account that these parts will bring your average 24h ship out time to 3-4 business days.