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Premium SSS Wiring harness

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We are very proud to launch our brand new line of wiring harnesses. They are made with the best parts, hand-assembled in house, in Belgium.

All connections are made with high-quality Weller, lead-free solder, cloth pushback wire. And fitted with shrink tubing to extend the life of all parts, and prevent unwanted noise. 


Vintage: 1 CTS 500K vintage style back, volume pot; 1 CTS 250k Tone pot; 1 CTS 500k tone pot CRL 5 way switch with spring action; all Gold switchcraft mono jack and a 600v original 0.47μF sprague orange drop.

Modern: The modern kits use all the same parts, except for the tone pots. In the modern kits we use "no-load" pots. Contrary to a normal pot where it moves from one trough ten in a linear path or with an audio taper, a no-load pot removes itself completely from the circuit. No mater what value, a traditional pot is always slightly 'on' and will, therefore, leak some high-end to ground. By being able to remove itself from the circuit and having an "off" there is no leak, and your guitar will sound brighter. 


The biggest difference between the Vintage and the modern style harness is the way that the volume and tone pots are wired to each other. By using the vintage wiring, you get a natural treble bleed style response. You retain more clarity when playing with your tone knobs. If a mean, rock or metal sound is what you're after, you'll get more pleasure out of our modern style kits. As they give that signature metal "muddy" sound and response. 


You might be seeing another logo on the vulcanized fiberboard holding everything in place. It's our newest brand "Galaxy Electronics". Having this logo and brand connected to a product ensures you, that it has been designed, handmade, packaged, in house, in Belgium.