Tai Han "blackbee" Oil-Paper Capacitor

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These Oil-Paper capacitors have a smooth, natural, and balanced sound, but are still punchy. Could make strats and telecasters sound more aggressive. A fan favorite for heavy guitar players for their full-blown distortion capabilities. 


Non-mycrophonic, oil-soaked polyester (mylar) tubular capacitor. 

Can be used in both guitars and amps


0.001uf: treble bleed

0.022uf: Humbuckers

0.047uf: Singlecoils and bass

0.100uf: some basses, some '50s and '60s fenders

The higher the value the bigger capacitor, the darker the tone. Installing a new capacitor might have a bigger effect on your tone instead of mounting new pickups. When designing pickups, designing a wiring harness with the right pots and caps alongside will ensure the customer gets the tone they are after, and the one that you designed. 


All pots and switches have a 3-4 day delivery time. Please take into account that these parts will bring your average 24h ship out time to 3-4 business days