Vintage SSS Loaded pickguard

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Very proud to announce the first pre-wired pickguard in collaboration with Legendary Pickups. Packed with the best hardware from CTS, and CRL, this kit is fantastic for those looking to take their guitar to much greater heights, with minimal effort.

Featuring an exclusive range of single coil models designed and wound by Legendary Pickups, this prewired set allows you to take all the guess work out and select based on your tonal needs! All parts and materials provided by Nebula in a truly fantastic quality package.

Vintage voiced Alnico 3 single coil set. RWRP middle pickup for otherworldly in between positions.

Bridge - 0.060mm (42.5awg) polyurethane - Alnico 3 - 6.11k Middle - 0.060mm (42.5awg) polyurethane - Alnico 3 - 5.48k Neck - 0.060mm (42.5awg) Scatterwound Polyurethane - Alnico 3 - 5.15k. These vary in tolerance of 0.1k DC resistance.