Alnico Bar Magnet (Alnico8, 62x3.2x12.5)

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Whether you are winding your first pickup on the path to your new passion or supplying a run of 300 models across the globe, quality magnets are key.

Our AlNiCo magnets, crafted from only the finest quality metals are more than components; they are the soul of your guitar’s tone. They offer rich and consistent quality, ideal for long-term use in a wide variety of pickup designs and business needs.

AlNiCo bar magnets, typically found in humbuckers, blade pickups, and P90's, play a pivotal role in defining the sonic essence of these pickups.

Dynamic Range and Genre Suitability:

  • Alnico 2: Provides a warm, sweet tone with a soft dynamic range, perfect for blues, jazz, and classic rock. They enhance the vintage character with a smooth attack and rich sustain.
  • Alnico 3: With a softer magnetic strength, these magnets yield a clear, articulate tone, ideal for folk and vintage pop, emphasizing clarity and gentleness.
  • Alnico 4: These magnets offer a balanced mid-range with a more pronounced dynamic response, suitable for rock, country, and blues.
  • Alnico 5: Bright and dynamic, Alnico 5 magnets are ideal for high-output genres like rock, metal, and funk, offering enhanced treble response and tight bass.
  • Alnico 8: The highest output in the Alnico series, these magnets provide a powerful, aggressive tone, perfect for heavy metal and high-gain genres.

Sizing Options Explained:

  • 58x3.2x12.5: Standard size for many traditional humbucker designs, offering balanced magnetic field for a range of tones.
  • 62x3.2x12.5: Slightly longer, providing more bass response, ideal for guitars with wider string spacing or fuller tone seekers.
  • 58x5x12.5: Increased thickness for a stronger magnetic pull, enhancing output and dynamic range, suitable for aggressive playing.
  • 62x5x12.5: Combining length and thickness, these magnets offer robust, powerful tone with enhanced bass and mid-range, ideal for high-output pickups.
  • 5mm Thick Magnets: Specifically used for rail pickup designs, these magnets are essential in creating focused, articulate tones, and are often favored in modern, high-gain settings.