Alnico Rod Magnet 5mm (Alnico 3, 13.5mm)

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Whether you are winding your first pickup on the path to your new passion or supplying a run of 300 models across the globe, quality magnets are key.

Our AlNiCo magnets, produced with only the finest quality metals, are not just components; they're the heart of your guitar's voice. The end result speaks for itself—offering rich and consistent quality, perfect for long-term use in a huge variety of pickup designs and business needs.

Dynamic Range and Genre Suitability:

  • Alnico 2: Known for its warm, smooth tone, Alnico 2 magnets offer a moderate dynamic range. They excel in genres where a soft, sweet sound is desired, like blues, jazz, and classic rock. Their subdued attack and rich sustain make them a favorite for vintage enthusiasts.
  • Alnico 3: The least powerful of the Alnico family, these magnets provide a soft and clear tone. Ideal for players who prefer a gentle touch, they are well-suited for light genres like folk and vintage pop. Their low magnetism helps in achieving a clear, articulate sound.
  • Alnico 4: Striking a balance between Alnico 2 and 5, these magnets offer a more pronounced mid-range emphasis, making them suitable for versatile playing styles. They are a great fit for rock, country, and blues, where dynamic responsiveness is key.
  • Alnico 5: The brightest and most dynamic of the Alnico series, these magnets are known for their crisp, clear tone. They are perfect for genres that require high output and clarity, such as rock, metal, and funk. Their enhanced treble response and tight bass make them popular among modern guitarists.

Available in a variety of sizes and magnet grades. Please note all magnets come magnetized.

Perfect in combination with our very own flatwork, these AlNiCo magnets are not just parts—they are the soul of your guitar's sound, helping you hit every note with precision and character.