Clear Protective Film

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 Introducing our premium Clear Protective Tape – a must-have accessory for any guitar pickup enthusiast or manufacturer. Measuring an optimal 70mm in width, this tape is designed to seamlessly apply a protective film over your pickup components, including bobbins, covers, and the finished pickups themselves. Crafted from a high-quality, transparent material, this tape ensures your pickups are shielded from dust, moisture, and accidental scratches that can occur during assembly, shipping, or even day-to-day handling.

Easy to apply and remove, this tape adheres securely without leaving behind any residue, ensuring that the visual appeal of your pickups is preserved. Its durability and resistance to tearing make it an efficient solution for protecting the delicate parts of the pickup during various stages of their lifecycle. Whether it's during the winding process, final assembly, or when being shipped to guitarists around the world, this tape provides the assurance that your pickups are well-protected.