Stratocaster Baseplate (Nickel)

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The ultimate tool for tweaking the response of a single coil with very little effort. These focusing plates are a great way of altering the properties of a pickup in varying flavors with minor time and effort required.

Perfect for tweaking and existing pickup that needs a little tweak to get the intended result.
Brass Plates:

  • Highs: Brass tends to soften the high frequencies slightly, resulting in a smoother top-end.
  • Mids: It enriches the midrange, adding warmth and depth, which can be particularly noticeable in the guitar's overall tone.
  • Lows: Brass also contributes to a fuller low-end response, enhancing the bass frequencies without overpowering the guitar's natural sound.

Nickel Plates:

  • Highs: Nickel enhances the clarity of high frequencies, adding crispness and sparkle to the guitar's sound.
  • Mids: The effect on the midrange is more neutral, maintaining the guitar's inherent tonal characteristics without significant coloration.
  • Lows: While not drastically altering the lows, nickel maintains a balanced bass response, ensuring that the sound remains clear and defined.

Zinc-Plated Steel Plates:

  • Highs: Zinc-plated steel offers a bright top-end, enhancing the guitar's high frequencies without becoming harsh.
  • Mids: This material provides a balanced midrange, neither overly coloring nor muting the mids, which is great for versatile playing styles.
  • Lows: In terms of low frequencies, zinc-plated steel ensures a stable and even bass response, contributing to a well-rounded sound profile.

Copper-Plated Steel Plates:

  • Highs: Copper plating can smooth out the highs, reducing harshness and lending a slightly mellower top-end.
  • Mids: It adds a touch of warmth to the midrange, enriching the guitar’s natural voice and enhancing harmonic richness.
  • Lows: Copper-plated steel boosts the low-end warmth, making the bass frequencies more pronounced and robust.

Each of these materials offers a unique way to sculpt your Stratocaster's sound. Brass and copper-plated steel lean towards warmth and richness, making them excellent for blues, jazz, or classic rock. Nickel and zinc-plated steel, with their brighter and clearer characteristics, are well-suited for genres like pop, rock, and country, where articulation and sparkle are desirable. By choosing the right focusing plate material, you can tailor your guitar's tonal balance to suit your musical preferences and playing style.

Some filing may be required to get the baseplate's sides flush with the flatwork.