P-90/P94 humbucker Baseplate (Nickel)


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Our humbucker mounting baseplates are available in high-quality brass and nickel options, each providing distinct tonal qualities to form the foundation of your pickup's sound.

Brass Baseplates:

  • Tonal Quality: Brass baseplates are known for adding a warmer, richer tone to the pickup. They tend to enhance the lower frequencies and add depth to the midrange, making them ideal for a smooth, resonant sound profile.
  • Sound Character: Ideal for those seeking a vintage or classic tone, brass baseplates can soften the sharper edges of a pickup's sound, contributing to a more rounded and full-bodied output.

Nickel Baseplates:

  • Tonal Quality: Nickel baseplates, on the other hand, offer a brighter and clearer tone. They emphasize the upper frequencies, providing clarity and crispness to the pickup’s sound.
  • Sound Character: Perfect for modern styles or genres that require distinct articulation and a pronounced attack, nickel baseplates ensure a crisp, detailed sound.

Both materials are compatible with screw-style assemblies and are specifically matched to work seamlessly with our mini P90 bobbins. Whether you choose the warmth and richness of brass or the clear, articulate tones of nickel, these baseplates are the starting point for building a high-quality, customized pickup.