P90 Dogear Baseplate (Nickel)


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Our P90 dogear baseplates, available in both brass and nickel, are crafted to enhance and refine the tonal qualities of your P90 pickups.

Brass P90 Dogear Baseplates:

  • Lows: Brass boosts the lower frequencies, adding warmth and fullness to the bass. This enhancement results in a richer, deeper bass response, perfect for styles that thrive on a warm, resonant bottom end.
  • Mids: The midrange benefits from added depth and a smoother texture. Brass baseplates contribute to a fuller, more rounded midrange, ideal for achieving a classic or vintage sound characteristic of traditional P90 pickups.
  • Highs: High frequencies are gently softened with brass, reducing any potential sharpness. This leads to a smoother, more mellow top-end, creating a well-balanced and cohesive overall tone.

Nickel P90 Dogear Baseplates:

  • Lows: Nickel maintains a clear and balanced bass response. It doesn't overly emphasize the lows, ensuring the sound stays focused and articulate, suitable for genres requiring precise and defined bass.
  • Mids: The midrange remains relatively unaffected, preserving the inherent characteristics of the P90 pickups. Nickel ensures the midrange retains its natural clarity and bite.
  • Highs: Nickel enhances the clarity and definition in the high frequencies. This added brightness is particularly beneficial for styles that demand crisp articulation and a pronounced presence in the mix.

Designed specifically for P90 dogear pickups, these brass and nickel baseplates are ideal for musicians seeking to fine-tune their guitar's sound. Whether opting for the warm, rich tonality of brass or the clear, detailed response of nickel, these baseplates are key in customizing your P90 pickups to your exact sonic preference.