P90 Soapbar Baseplate (Nickel)


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Our P90 soapbar baseplates, meticulously crafted in both brass and nickel, are designed to elevate the tonal essence of your P90 pickups.

Brass P90 Soapbar Baseplates:

  • Lows: Brass brings a warm and rich enhancement to the lower frequencies, adding depth and fullness to the bass. This results in a resonant and robust bass tone, which is especially appealing for genres that benefit from a lush, warm low end.
  • Mids: The midrange gains a noticeable warmth and smoothness. Brass baseplates enrich the mid frequencies, making them ideal for a classic or vintage sound that P90 pickups are renowned for.
  • Highs: In the high frequencies, brass has a softening effect, reducing any harshness. This results in a more balanced, mellower top-end, contributing to an overall warm and harmonious tone.

Nickel P90 Soapbar Baseplates:

  • Lows: Nickel ensures a balanced low-end response, maintaining clarity and tightness in the bass frequencies. This is essential for styles that demand a distinct and articulate bass tone.
  • Mids: The impact on the midrange is minimal, allowing the true character of the P90 pickups to shine through. Nickel preserves the natural bite and clarity typical of P90s.
  • Highs: High frequencies are crisply defined with nickel, enhancing clarity and brightness. This brightness is particularly effective in cutting through a mix, ideal for genres that require sharp articulation and clear presence.

Perfectly suited for P90 soapbar pickups, these brass and nickel baseplates provide an excellent way to customize your guitar’s sound. Whether you're aiming for the rich, warm tones of brass or the clear, articulate sounds of nickel, these baseplates are essential for achieving your desired sonic profile with P90 soapbars.