Pre-Assembled Bobbin Stratocaster Balanced Stagger (Alnico5)

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E=>e= 17.5/17.5/17.5/17/16.5/16.5
Our Balanced Strat Pickup Set is designed to deliver a harmonious and even response across all strings. With pole pieces set at 17.5 mm for the E, A, and D strings, this pickup emphasizes a smooth and consistent mid-range, ensuring that each string contributes equally to the overall sound without any frequency overshadowing another. The slightly lower 17 mm pole piece on the G string caters to the typical plain G string in modern setups, providing clarity without harshness. The B and e strings, set at 16.5 mm, offer a controlled high-end, reducing any piercing sharpness while still maintaining sparkle and definition. This setup is ideal for players seeking a balanced tonal spectrum, where each string's voice is equally represented, from the warm lows to the clear highs.