Pre-Assembled Bobbin Stratocaster Flat Top (Alnico5)

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Introducing our premium Stratocaster Pickup Bobbin with 17.5mm poles, meticulously designed for guitarists seeking a blend of classic Strat tone with enhanced clarity and definition. This bobbin is the perfect foundation for crafting a pickup that captures the iconic Stratocaster sound while adding a modern twist.

Featuring uniformly set 17.5mm flat pole pieces, this bobbin ensures a balanced magnetic field across all six strings. The slightly increased pole length enhances the pickup's responsiveness, providing a crisp and articulate tone that shines in both clean and overdriven settings. This design choice is particularly effective in bringing out the intricate details in your playing, making it ideal for styles that demand precision and clarity.

The 17.5mm pole pieces are especially well-suited for players using lighter gauge strings. They offer the perfect compensation for the lower natural output of thinner strings, ensuring that each note rings out with equal presence and brightness. This characteristic makes the pickup versatile, catering to a wide range of musical genres from blues and jazz to rock and pop.

Our Stratocaster Pickup Bobbin with 17.5mm poles also caters to those who prefer a brighter and more present high-end. The increased pole piece length subtly accentuates the treble frequencies, ensuring that the high notes cut through the mix without being harsh. The result is a harmonious balance of warmth and brightness, preserving the soulful character of the Stratocaster while injecting a modern vibrancy into your sound.

This bobbin is crafted with high-quality materials and precise engineering, ensuring durability and consistent performance. Whether you're upgrading an existing guitar or building a new one, our Stratocaster Pickup Bobbin with 17.5mm poles is an excellent choice for achieving a beautifully balanced, articulate, and

dynamically responsive tone. It's a perfect fit for guitarists who want to enhance their Strat's natural voice with a touch of contemporary edge.