Pre-Assembled Bobbin Stratocaster Modern Stagger (Alnico2)

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E=>e: 18/17.5/17.5/17/16.5/16
Tailored for the contemporary guitarist, our Modern Strat Pickup Set features a stagger pattern that enhances the dynamism of modern string sets. The 18 mm pole piece on the low E string brings out a robust and full-bodied bass response. The A and D strings, at 17.5 mm, ensure a rich and pronounced mid-range. The G string, also at 17 mm, receives a balanced treatment, fitting for plain G strings, offering a bright yet smooth tone. The B and e strings, at 16.5 mm and 16 mm respectively, are designed to tame the high frequencies, providing a clear, articulate high-end that's never shrill. This stagger pattern is perfect for players who need a pickup that can handle diverse playing styles and genres, offering a modern, versatile sound that shines in both clean and overdriven settings.