Pre-Assembled Bobbin Stratocaster Nebula Signature Stagger (Alnico5)

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E=>e: 17/17.5/17.5/18/17/17

The Nebula Custom Strat Pickup Set represents a unique approach to tonal balance, offering a custom stagger pattern that caters to nuanced tonal preferences. Starting with a 17 mm pole piece for the E string, this set lays the groundwork for a tight and focused bass response. The 17.5 mm height for the A and D strings enhances the mid-range, ensuring that these crucial frequencies have presence and warmth without dominating. The standout feature is the 18 mm G string pole piece, which brings a pronounced brightness and clarity to the mix, ideal for players who utilize the G string prominently in their playing. The B and e strings at 17 mm provide a balanced high-end, ensuring that the treble frequencies are articulate and present, yet smoothly integrated into the overall sound. This stagger pattern is perfect for players seeking a customized tonal palette, where each string's response is carefully sculpted for a distinctive and harmonious output.