Pre-Assembled Bobbin Stratocaster Vintage Stagger (Alnico2)

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Experience the classic tones of the golden era with our Vintage Strat Pickup Set. This set revives the traditional stagger pattern used in the 1950s and 1960s, suited for vintage string sets with a wound G string. The 18.25 mm pole piece on the low E string enriches the bass frequencies, providing a warm and robust foundation. The A and D strings at 17.5 mm offer a well-defined mid-range, essential for vintage tonal characteristics. The 18 mm pole for the G string is a nod to the past, enhancing the output of the traditionally wound string for a fuller, rounder sound. The B and e strings at 17 mm and 16.5 mm, respectively, balance the high-end, ensuring that the treble frequencies are bright and clear but not overpowering. This pickup set is ideal for purists and enthusiasts seeking the nostalgic, warm, and organic tones reminiscent of the early days of electric guitar.