Tonewinder V1.2 R2

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The Tonewinder pickup winder, renowned for its speed and user-friendly interface, uses cutting-edge CNC technology to streamline the winding process. A standout feature is its autonomy; you don't need any programming knowledge or a PC to operate it, thanks to the built-in 2.8" touch screen. This feature ensures it is accessible to a broad range of users, from hobbyists to professionals. The device's compact dimensions, 238x225x110 mm, make it an ideal addition to any workspace, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing space.

With a winding speed of up to 1,500 RPM, the Tonewinder offers both efficiency and precision. It supports a wide range of wire gauges, specifically from 38 AWG to 45 AWG, accommodating various pickup manufacturing requirements. This versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of a Gaussmeter, allowing for precise magnetic field measurements up to 2,500 Gs. Such precision ensures that each pickup is wound with exacting standards, contributing to superior sound quality.

The Tonewinder features five automatic winding modes: Constant, Table, Scatter, Emulate, and Manual, each designed to cater to different winding preferences and objectives. The advanced software also includes a coil calculator, aiding in the accurate estimation of turns and coil dimensions, thus enabling custom winding patterns tailored to specific needs.

Storage is no longer a concern, as the Tonewinder boasts up to 59 internal memories for saving coil configurations. For those requiring more space, Wi-Fi connectivity allows for unlimited storage capabilities through project uploads or downloads to a PC. Software updates for both the microcontroller and the touch screen interface are conveniently managed via Wi-Fi and a microSD card, respectively.

To ensure optimal performance, interactive help is available on all screens, providing detailed information and recommended values for each parameter. This guidance is invaluable, especially when adjusting for the "Delta" parameter—a small, crucial distance at the bobbin's wings that prevents wire overload and ensures the longevity of the coil.

Real-time information on the number of turns, wound layers, remaining time, and wire tension is displayed during the winding process, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments. The home sensor guarantees consistent results by referencing the arm to a reliable starting position before each operation.

Maintenance is minimal, requiring only monthly lubrication of the felts and bearings and annual greasing of the guide arm drive mechanism. Safety features include two triggers that detect plate-related issues and prevent wire tension from exceeding safe limits, alongside a light on the base that alerts to any problems during winding.

Enhancing its compatibility, the plate includes holes to accommodate magnets from single pickups or eyelets, covering 99.9% of commercial coil models. The Tonewinder's capability extends to coils up to 110 mm in length, with easy modification options for larger sizes.

Each Tonewinder 1.2 R2 is housed in a sturdy ABS case, offering protection against impacts, pressure, dust, and humidity, ensuring your investment is well-protected for years to come. This comprehensive package makes the Tonewinder an indispensable tool for anyone looking to create high-quality pickups with precision, versatility, and ease.

There are four automatic winding modes available:

Constant Mode: This mode ensures a consistent filling factor throughout the coil. The filling factor refers to the percentage of space occupied by the wire of a specific diameter in relation to the total width of the coil.

Table Mode: In this mode, you have the flexibility to customize the coil by selecting up to 6 different sections. Within each section, you can adjust the number of turns and the desired fill factor. This mode allows for fine-tuning and customization to meet your specific requirements.

Scatter Mode: With scatter mode, you can introduce randomness and variation into the winding process. The pickup is wound in a non-linear fashion, with the fill factor changing randomly every few turns. This creates a unique and dynamic character in the coil. To ensure a uniform appearance, a constant fill factor can be applied at the start and end of the coil.

Emulate Mode: This mode allows you to vary the filling factor in real time by operating the potentiometer. It emulates the manual winding process. Once you achieve the desired pattern, you can save it in memory and replicate it as many times as you want.

Furthermore, you have the option to perform manual winding, guiding the wire with your hands in the traditional way. This versatility caters to different user preferences and techniques.