Tonewinder V1.2 Lite

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The Tonewinder Lite offers a streamlined, manual approach to guitar and bass pickup winding, blending traditional techniques with modern technology. Operated via a front-mounted potentiometer and touch screen interface, this model is designed for those who prefer the tactile experience of manually guiding the wire through the winding process. Despite its focus on manual operation, the Tonewinder Lite does not skimp on features, boasting a built-in Gaussmeter for precise magnetic field measurements and a coil calculator to aid in planning and executing your winding projects.

With a compact footprint of 238x225x110 mm, the Tonewinder Lite is an ideal choice for workshops where space is at a premium. It supports a broad range of wire gauges, from 38 AWG to 45 AWG, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of pickup designs. The inclusion of an 8 mm polished shaft with two movable stops assists in guiding the wire during winding, providing a blend of precision and flexibility.

At the heart of the Tonewinder Lite's functionality is its singular winding mode:

  • MANUAL Mode: This mode is designed for artisans who value the control and nuance of winding by hand. It offers a direct connection between the craftsperson and the winding process, accommodating a range of techniques and preferences.

Despite its simpler approach, the Tonewinder Lite is equipped with advanced software features, including a pickup calculator that estimates the number of turns and coil dimensions based on input data. Additionally, up to 59 internal memories allow for the storage of coil configurations, with Wi-Fi connectivity enabling unlimited storage through PC uploads or downloads.

Software updates for both the microcontroller and touch screen are easily managed via Wi-Fi and microSD card, respectively, ensuring that the device remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Interactive help is available on all screens, offering detailed guidance and recommended values for optimal use.

Before the start of each winding session, the Tonewinder Lite performs a series of programmed initial turns to properly seat the wire on the bobbin, mirroring traditional winding techniques. Real-time information is displayed during winding, allowing for adjustments and monitoring progress throughout the process.

Maintenance is straightforward and minimal, focusing on simple procedures to ensure the device's longevity and reliability. The plate design accommodates magnets from individual pickups or eyelets on the base, ensuring compatibility with 99.9% of commercial coil models. Capable of winding coils up to 110 mm in length, the Tonewinder Lite also offers the flexibility to modify the device for larger sizes if needed.

A unique feature of the Tonewinder Lite is its upgradability. Utilizing the "Lite-R2 Upgrade Kit," users can transform their device into the more advanced Tonewinder 1.2 R2, providing a path for growth and expanded capabilities. Though the unit is supplied without a carrying case, an optional case can be purchased separately, adding an extra layer of convenience and protection.