Tonewinder Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your Tonewinder 1.2 Lite to the full capabilities of the Tonewinder 1.2 R2 with our comprehensive Field Upgrade Kit. This kit provides everything you need to transform your manual winder into an automatic, tension-controlled powerhouse, matching the performance of its more advanced counterpart, the Tonewinder 1.2 R2.

Included in the Field Upgrade Kit:

  • 1x Transport Case: A durable case to keep your upgrade components organized and protected during storage and transportation.
  • 1x Gonine 24 Vdc 3A External Power Supply: Provides reliable power to your upgraded unit, ensuring optimal performance.
  • 1x ESP32 Microcontroller: Pre-loaded with the latest R2 version software, this microcontroller is the brain of your upgraded Tonewinder, offering enhanced features and functionality.
  • 1x DRV 8825 Control Driver: Ensures precise control over the winding process, contributing to the efficiency and precision of your device.
  • 1x Fully Assembled Guide Arm: Comes with an integrated thread tension sensor, crucial for achieving consistent tension control during winding.
  • 1x Electronics for Tension Sensor Control: Allows for precise adjustments to the thread tension, ensuring perfect windings every time.
  • 1x Linear Actuator with Nema 11 Motor: Software-compatible actuator that enhances the automation capabilities of your device, providing smooth and precise movements.
  • 1x Wired Home Sensor: Includes motor support and ensures accurate starting positions for every winding session.
  • 1x COB LED Strip: Compatible with the electronics, this LED strip provides excellent visibility, allowing for close monitoring of the winding process.
  • 1x Necessary Screws: All the screws required for the installation are included, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free upgrade process.

The kit comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the upgrade process, making it accessible even for those with limited technical experience. By upgrading your Tonewinder 1.2 Lite to the R2 version, you not only expand its capabilities but also significantly enhance its performance, making it a versatile tool for both amateur and professional pickup manufacturers.

Investing in the Field Upgrade Kit is a cost-effective way to access advanced winding features without the need to purchase a new unit, extending the life and utility of your existing Tonewinder 1.2 Lite.